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holding hands like no tommorow's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
holding hands like no tommorow

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[27 Jan 2007|09:04pm]

[ mood | sad ]

I depend on hand holding.
It keeps me sane.

I love holding hands with anyone.
I get to hold hands in the musical that I'm in,
it gives me this lovely fuzzy feeling.

hold hands

[19 Nov 2005|04:19pm]

this userpic makes me very sad.

i used to hold this hand a lot...
but it has gone cold.
hold hands

hands. [19 Mar 2005|11:34pm]

let's get to holdin' them.

♥ e
hold hands

[12 Dec 2003|11:48pm]

Id give anything just to hold his hand...to see my hand within his would bring tears to my eyes, but alas, another dream that shall never bee seen in reality.
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hello : ) [04 Dec 2003|09:30pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

no one ever writes in here which realy sucks cause this community is awesome!!
heh anyways. i hung out with my boyfriend today,
and we held hands
we've been going out for 2 months

i like holding his hand and cuddeling with him.

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im new. [18 Nov 2003|09:30pm]

[ mood | day dreamy ]

i like it when we lay on his couch.. and he puts his arm around me and with his other hand.. he holds mine while we watch t.v. : )

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[16 Nov 2003|02:06pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

i want to hold his hand... her hand... any hand but my own...

i'm reaching out (it's just air). like the days going by, empty spaces... time escapes me, just like your heart...

hold hands

[14 Sep 2003|02:22am]

[ mood | dorky ]

I like when my bf taps the beat of the music on my leg while holding my hand when we are riding in his car. I don't know it sounds crazy but i guess that is talent. hehe.

hold hands

so yesterday [31 Aug 2003|09:16am]

[ mood | giggly ]

we were sitting in his car and he had his hand on my knee. and he tapped it with his fingers while we talked.
finally i worked up the courage to grab his hand back. and we held hands all the way back home. :)

bonus: after he said "i hate it when you have to leave," he kissed me on the cheek/mouth/sort of.
it was one of those really cute akward first timey kisses that makes you want to squeal.

he makes me so happy. :)

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[23 Aug 2003|12:38am]
[ mood | i miss him. ]

i fell asleep on his chest, he was holding my hand when i fell asleep.. and was still holding it when i woke up.. it gave me the biggest smile ♥

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[05 Aug 2003|09:50pm]

This morning I got up early to take a shower, and when I was finished I laid next to my boyfriend while he slept and held his hand.
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excuse me senor... [25 Jul 2003|12:49pm]

[ mood | blank ]

i miss when he would put my hand in his and we would lay on the couch and take a nap. i miss when we would walk around downtown holding hands, giving sweet kisses, and sitting on benches.. i miss your hand in my hair. i miss you

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another community promo. =X [23 Jul 2003|03:35pm]

if you like creative writing &/or art, it'd be awesome if you joined


it's a great community for all you artsy types out there. =)
"don't hesitate, participate!" =P

thank you & have a nice day. ♥.
hold hands

[12 Jul 2003|10:36pm]

[ mood | excited ]

we held hands all day at warped tour.
we even held each other despite the heat and sweat.
he truly rocks my socks.

hold hands

[10 Jul 2003|03:15pm]

i have to ask my boyfriend to hold my hand now.

it hurts.
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[10 Jul 2003|03:49pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

i haven't updated in her in forever.
but THE BOY.
oh THE BOY. i hope i get to hold his hand.
i haven't held hands in so long.
i hope, i hope, i hope.
le sigh.

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damaged goods [23 Jun 2003|09:26pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

i held his hand all night,
i even held it till the early morning..
till 5:32 to be exact.
that's when you left...
you dropped my hand & kissed my forehead
walked through the door & down the steps.
i couldn't wait to hold your hand again..
but then you fxcked her..
now i can't hold your hand,
i can't even look you in the eyes.
i have to hold my own hand now.
it just isn't the same.

but i still remember that night that we fell asleep holding hands as tight as could be.

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[20 Jun 2003|03:27pm]

i held ur hand once...twice...three times
and it just felt 'right'
it fit
and i hope i get to hold ur hand again
im waiting
hold hands

Leipzig, Dresden and Magdeburg! [13 Jun 2003|03:14pm]

When I get really lonely, which is never too often, I like to do one thing..

.. and only one thing...

Hold my OWN hand.

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[11 Jun 2003|08:30pm]

it sucks how rarely people post in this community.

but i love it nonetheless.

ps : i still want that certain boy to hold my hand. hopefully it'll happen. soon.
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